PORTABLE POWER and convenience of a whole house generator

at a fraction of the cost!

Portable Whole House Generators

Low Maintenance

Requires virtually no maintenance and no winterization as it does not burn gasoline.

Clean Power

Alternator that produces “clean power” for sensitive electronics. Runs on Natural Gas and Propane.

Quick Connect Convenience

“Quick Connects” to make it quick and convenient to hook up the generator when the powers out.

No Extension Cords

Safely distribute power to any plug, switch, receptacle, ceiling fan, television, etc. with no extension cords.

“Portable Whole House Generators (PWHG) has done what few have ever thought possible….”

Typical standby generators are very expensive and immovable.  “Big Box” portable generators cost less, cannot power your Central A/C, and deliver dirty power that damages the sensitive electronics in your home.  To make matters worse, most of these mass-produced units are made with “no-name” foreign engines and parts, have limited longevity, and are difficult to service and repair.  These systems normally run on gasoline (which can be difficult to buy during power outages) and unless they are run regularly and often, aging gasoline can easily foul fuel systems and carburetors, making your emergency generator difficult to start when you need it most.  Portable Whole House Generators (PWHG) overcomes these challenges by delivering the power and convenience of a whole house generator with a portable unit at HALF THE COST!   All of our generators are powered by legendary Honda engines and have brushless alternators with 100% copper windings, ensuring clean power is delivered to your home!

Portable Whole House Generator’s Mission:  To provide customers with a lifetime of clean and reliable generator power with a single, reasonably priced purchase.

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